Q: What courses can I take to advance to a management career from being an MSR?

HR Expert:
Charles Newberry
HR Manager

Credit Union:
Williams Lake and District Credit Union

A: At Williams Lake and District Credit Union, there are a few areas we would suggest that you develop in order to advance your career from an MSR into management. Relevant courses for your development are available through both CUSOURCE and the Credit Union Institute of Canada (CUIC). Visit their homepage for more information.

Below are descriptions of some current course offerings corresponding to some key areas of development for career advancement:

  1. Deposit Products and Services To develop your knowledge Products and Services- CUC 185 will cover the basics.
  2. Credit Products and Services- Loans, Lines of Credit, Mortgages These courses will provide you knowledge in lending: Consumer and Residential Mortgage Lending- CUC 210 will provide you with the basics and you could also consider courses in Commercial lending and agricultural lending.
  3. Sales and Service There are a number of resources in CUSOURCE covering sales and customer service. Your credit union will likely have a dedicated program that covers sales and service.
  4. Management skills and knowledge As above there are a number of introductory courses to be found on CUSOURCE that deal with the subject of management.

For management specific studies, a great program to consider is the CUIC Management Studies Program- CUC-MSP. It ties in well with the above courses, and pursuing this program would help chart a direct route to a career in management. On completion of this program you would be awarded the designation Associate of the Credit Union Institute of Canada (ACUIC).

In addition to the courses mentioned above, it is important that you gain on-the- job skills to support a management career. Take on extra responsibilities involving deposits and loans, and volunteer for projects that would help develop your leadership skills. Apply for promotional opportunities that come up! Credit unions need great managers.


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