Q: What's in a name or job title? How do you differentiate job "titles" from one credit union to another?

HR Expert:
Vicky Cullen
Manager, HR

Credit Union:
CONEXUS Credit Union

A: A job title is supposed tell you the primary essence of a role, as well as the level and type of work associated with it. For example from a title like Marketing Coordinator, depending on the size of the business a person may assume that the role would have to do with the coordination of marketing materials, events, and the related responsibilities such as communications, representing the community, or writing internal newsletters.

In the credit union system employees are accustomed to different titles either because we tend to use the word "member" or because a credit union is looking to change direction and align titles with the future (i.e. Financial Wellness Advisor). For the most part, those within the credit union system know that to understand what the recruiter is looking for, you must look closer to gain an understanding of the credit union’s vision, size, and essence.

So what does that mean for a job seeker outside of the credit union system? Well it can be confusing. When reading through job titles, you may need to do some research to gain more of an internal perspective to truly understand the essence of role, level and type of work.


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