Q: What courses/training/seminars would be most beneficial for advancement in credit union Internal Support? Would you go with the CUIC Management Studies program, or would it be better to work on a certified accounting designation through a university?

HR Expert:
Donna Bailey
Director, Client Solutions and Research

Credit Union:
CUSOURCE Credit Union Knowledge Network

A: At CUSOURCE Knowledge Network, we recommend the CUIC Management Studies program as it allows you to build a broad skill set with an emphasis on credit union operations positioning you well for advancement.

This program is designed to give you an in-depth understanding of a number of key competency areas in credit union management and includes both general business and credit union specific courses. Courses at the post-secondary level in Accounting, Marketing, Management/Business Administration, Finance, Organizational Behaviour and Economics complement credit union specific courses in various operational areas such as Lending, Financial Management, Financial Planning, HR Management, and Marketing & Sales Management. Credit transfers are available for any post-secondary courses you may have already completed.

Once you successfully complete all courses and meet the required work experience criteria you are awarded the Associate of the Credit Union Institute of Canada (ACUIC) designation. This nationally recognized designation enhances your credibility and increases your opportunities for advancement within the credit union system.

To supplement this formal learning program we would also recommend that you take advantage of the various conferences (virtual or in-person) and webinars offered by both CUSOURCE and Credit Union Central of Canada. Offering targeted learning in relevant and timely topics you can continue to build upon your skills in key areas while networking with peers and sharing best practices and ideas.

Credit unions offer tremendous career growth potential and I would encourage you to take advantage of every learning opportunity the system provides.


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