Q: How do you balance being a leader and being a co-worker?

Credit Union Young Leader:
Mark Gorman, MBA, FCUIC
Marketing Manager

Credit Union:
NBTA Credit Union, NB

A: I think most leaders would agree that leadership is a lifelong journey. You live and you learn. Each leader has their own style but I find that many leaders I admire, to quote Sandra McDowell from the eLeadership Academy, are able to lead “with heart and backbone.” Gone are the days when a leader “tells” others what to do from an ivory tower. The more effective leaders of today are able to inspire others with their heart toward a common goal while having a strong backbone when necessary.

I also strongly believe that all employees, at every level of the organization, have the ability and opportunity to step up and lead every day. Whether it’s a CEO leading a merger, or a member-service representative taking the initiative to help a new employee learn a new skill, being a good leader and a good co-worker are often one and the same. Take the time to help others, take opportunities to lead every day wherever you are in the organization, and good things will happen for you and your career.