Q: What steps do you take to effectively network within your organization to find a coach to help guide you through the early stages of your career?

Credit Union Young Leader:
Benjamin Janzen
Stewardship in Action Advisor

Credit Union:
Kindred Credit Union

A: Take advantage of the social connections that may happen serendipitously – at the coffee bar, staff meeting or event.

I like to ask the question “what are you passionate about right now?” An excited or gloomy response can be followed up with inquiries that better understand their role and ways they support the organization. Also, take the opportunity to tell your manager you are interested in learning more about other areas of the organization to have a better sense of how the business works. Ask them to suggest leaders they know that could give you this understanding. When you meet with these leaders, ask them about their career path (you may have to do this a few times before finding someone that is a good match to give you advice or agree to be your mentor for your early stages). If you can’t find someone within your organization or it doesn’t feel right, take the same approach with businesses or organizations you know and respect. Family members and friends with lots of experience can often offer an objective opinion as well.