Q: What are your top 3 tips to develop yourself in the CU System?

Credit Union Young Leader:
Jodi Chambers
Collaboration Leader

Credit Union:
Cornerstone Credit Union

A: Tip 1 - Say "yes" to the opportunity to work on special projects such as mergers, banking system conversions or upgrades, LOS implementations, etc. These projects provide you with the chance to work with various areas within your organization. You will learn how that business contributes to your credit union and how you can support and how you impact those teams. It also exposes you to different leadership and communication styles.

Tip 2 - Participate in extra curricular activities - internal or external to your credit union. Involve yourself in campaigns like United Way, Habitat for Humanity, mentor program or system initiatives like Coaching Program through Cooperative Development Foundation, National Mentor Program, National Young Leader Committee, World Youth Credit Union Program. This exposes you to other leaders and develops your network which is critical to finding future credit union opportunities, not to mention making the difference in the lives of others.

Tip 3 - Take chances by moving around through different credit unions or by taking lateral versus just vertical promotions. Working in different environments or departments develops your leadership, communication and general credit union/financial services knowledge and skill sets. It also provides you with the opportunity to experience different cultures. Learning how to adapt to different cultures will increase your likelihood to succeed in any environment.