Q: What is the best way to change career streams within the Credit Union System?

Credit Union Young Leader:
Kirsty Reid, B A. Fin. & Econ., CFP
VP, Wealth Management and Business Development

Credit Union:
First Credit Union

A: Something that I look for in potential hires, or when the opportunity of a promotion comes up, also happens to be one of my favorite words, INITIATIVE.

If you are looking at changing your career stream, take the initiative and learn what is available, what skills you need for that position, and who are the people that can help get you there. Having a mentor or coach to help guide you along your career path, or change in career stream, can also ensure that you are staying focused and making the right decisions. Seek out those that are in positions that you might strive for and ask them “how did you get there?” Being open to continual learning both on the hard and soft skills that are required for different areas within an organization will also allow you to be more flexible when different opportunities arise. A strong employee in one department, that shows initiative, the willingness to learn, and is doing a great job, will generally be a great employee in another department.

Managing your expectation is also important, and realizing that if you are looking at changing your career stream you may not be moving to a position that is lateral to the one you currently hold. However, by practicing the same work ethic and initiative it won’t take long for you to excel in your chosen path.