Q: What do you feel are the most important skills needed for a credit union career considering the high degree of business transformation that credit unions are undertaking; both as an employee affected by the transformation and as a leader who leads the transformation?

Credit Union Young Leader:
Chad Huseby
Branch Manager

Credit Union:
Servus Credit Union

A: Adaptability
Are you open to learning new things and changes to the ways things have typically been done? Your openness to learning brand new skills can make the world of difference to helping ensure the prospective change is implemented successfully.

Are you coachable? Can you take constructive feedback and grow from it? The rough seas that are created by heavy business transformation can create high stress environments. Being a coachable employee that can accept their own mistakes and learn from them is essential.

The ability to step back after a tough day and laugh at the little things with a fellow co-worker can go a long, long ways! From time to time we all take ourselves a tad too serious and that ability to inject humour into situations is a great quality