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Corporate Secretary and CRO, Affinity Credit Union

Location:Saskatoon or Regina, Saskatchewan
Posting Date:January 15, 2019
Closing Date:March 1, 2019
Employment Type:Full-time


Affinity is a values-based, co-operative financial institution and the 8th largest credit union in Canada. With $7.0 billion in managed assets, it has the largest credit union branch network in Saskatchewan with 56 locations in 47 communities. It offers access to a complete range of products and advisory services in the areas of consumer, agriculture and commercial as well as in wealth and investment services in a multi-channel environment. 

Affinity employs a professional workforce of about 700 and is 100% owned by its members-owners. By choosing to bank with Affinity, its members know that every dollar they deposit is reinvested and circulated back into its local communities through loans to other members. Affinity puts people before profits and as such works together to build a better world for everyone everyday. 

Affinity differentiates itself by providing its members with convenient, reliable and accurate transaction processing while fulfilling the growing need of delivering the member experience through an omni or multi-channel lens and creating meaningful touchpoints as a trusted advisor in providing professional advice. 


Accepting, Fair, Flexible, Transparent

Accountable, Ethical, Honorable, Trustworthy

Collaborative, Cooperative, Respectful, Supportive

Engaged, Passionate, United, Willing



The Executive Leadership Team at Affinity is made up of: 

 CEO   EVP Member Experience
 EVP & CFO  EVP Strategy Execution & Operations
 EVP & CIO  EVP Advisory Services
 EVP Human Resources  Corporate Secretary & CRO


Corporate Secretary and CRO

The Corporate Secretary & Chief Risk Officer (CRO) is a key member of the executive leadership team at Affinity, as the strategic leader responsible for governance, organizational administration, compliance and enterprise risk management practices.  This role ensures the integrity of the governance framework, is responsible for the efficient administration of the credit union as an entity, ensures compliance with regulatory and operational requirements, and as the CRO, oversees the enterprise risk management (ERM) function. The ERM framework focuses on ensuring effective risk identification, measurement, monitoring and mitigation activities, and informed decision-making, in support of the strategic direction of Affinity. The role leads Affinity’s legislative compliance requirements and ensures a robust compliance regime.This role works closely with other senior leaders across the organization in overseeing the implementation of business strategies, policies, and guidelines that enable the delivery of innovative and functional services in support of a remarkable member experience.As Corporate Secretary, and in leading Board governance functions, this role is responsible for Board/Delegate/Member engagement through practices aligned to a grassroots governance model, ensuring legal and compliance requirements are met, acting as advisor to the Board, observing and inquiring on legal matters, overseeing management of corporate contracts, policy development, and liaising with auditors, regulators, and others on matters important to the organization and/or the Board.


The Corporate Secretary & CRO is responsible for providing leadership to a team of 18 people including the following direct reports: 

  • Director, Enterprise Risk Management
  • Compliance Manager
  • Governance Manager


  • Working cross-functionally and collaborating with the executive leadership team to ensure alignment in purpose and effort in communicating, promoting and implementing enterprise-wide strategies and priorities.
  • Actively contributing to strategy development and implementation, and acting as a key leadership liaison to various committees and effectively managing relevant relationships with the Board for the Governance, Compliance and ERM functions.
  • Translating the vision for Affinity, through clear, effective and regular communication both cross-functionally and with the Governance, Compliance and Risk teams.
  • Leading by example in visibly demonstrating Affinity’s values and culture and living Affinity’s brand within the community.
  • Holding the Governance, Compliance & Risk teams accountable for cross-functional collaboration by ensuring a member-centric approach within the teams and alignment to organizational priorities; and empowering teams by appropriately delegating responsibilities, accountabilities, and decision-making to ensure active execution.
  • Leading and ensuring Affinity’s sound corporate governance practices are implemented, maintained, and aligned to Affinity’s governance model; enabling and leading the understanding of unique grassroots-oriented engagement and democratic processes.
  • Leading the effective management and monitoring of risk from an enterprise-wide perspective, acting as the CRO and risk expert for Affinity to ensure that the enterprise risk strategy is embedded within and across the organization.
  • Overseeing the management of the credit union records and record retention programs, delegation of authorities, management of corporate contracts, legal services engagements and other related matters.
  • Ensuring all relevant stakeholders have a clear understanding of the major risks and opportunities as well as operational and regulatory compliance factors that Affinity is facing; while ensuring compliance from a regulatory and operational perspective.
  • Serves to advance the well-being of real people and their communities while deepening current member relationships and/or recruiting new members. Actively seeks to connect with current and potential members out in the community.


A Bachelor’s Degree in a related field. 

A legal background would be an asset

Minimum of 8 years’ experience in senior management roles. 

Previous work experience in Enterprise Risk Management, Corporate Secretary role, Compliance, and/or Governance, ideally within a financial services setting.

Demonstrated alignment with the values of Affinity.


Organizational Integration – Focused on aligning and integrating at the executive level with other major functions of the business to ensure a remarkable member experience. 

Leadership Acumen – Fosters an environment in which each area of the business takes responsibility for living the values and achieving the remarkable member experience at Affinity. 

Vision and Planning – Plays an active role in examining the business in light of the future in order to seize opportunities and mitigate risks. 

Strategy Execution – Provides strategic insight and guidance to other business leaders around functional business plans, initiatives, budgets and performance expectations. 



Collaboration - Desire and proven ability to make a significant impact through collaboration. Embraces collaboration as an operating style, encourages participation, fosters open dialogue. Utilizes a high degree of collaboration to make sound decisions, develop thinking beyond current boundaries and make innovative ideas practical. 
Integrity and Trust - Uncompromising integrity and honesty, does not ethically cut corners, unassailable business values. Treats people fairly and with dignity. Works hard to earn and maintain a high level of trust with the CEO, executive team, employees and the Board. 
Professional Excellence – Demonstrates perseverance, self-confidence, initiative. Ability to work independently and contribute in a value-added way to objectives. Manages multiple priorities at once. Organized, disciplined, willing and able to work with a wide range of stakeholders.
Enabling Leadership - Works collaboratively with team members in order to achieve a common goal. Maintains and strengthens relationships with others, both inside and outside the organization. Both strategic and visionary, tactical and hands-on. A leader who develops, empowers and inspires people and grows their capacity as professionals. 
Personal Accountability - Leads with humility and authenticity. Advocate of open, empathetic and respectful communication with both members and employees. Balanced, with a strong sense of ownership. Uses sound personal judgement to solve problems and make decisions. 


A competitive compensation package will be provided including an attractive base salary and excellent benefits. Relocation will be provided if required by the successful candidate. Further details will be discussed in a personal interview.

Allan Nelson or Shalini Bhatty
Leaders International Executive Search