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Overseas Volunteer Opportunity , Co-operative Development Foundation of Canada

Location:Ottawa, Ontario
Posting Date:September 5, 2018
Closing Date:until filled
Employment Type:Temporary

Make a Difference and Create Lasting Change

If you know someone who has volunteered in a country such as Indonesia, Malawi or Peru, you may have heard how incredible and life-changing the experience was.

It’s good to know that the number of people who are volunteering is increasing. However, with shrinking resources in the non-profit sector, the demand for skilled volunteers with a wide range of expertise to share is not meeting this demand.
There are so many great reasons to volunteer with CDF Canada. Sharing your skills and knowledge with others, rounding out your resume with new skills, learning a language, gaining a global perspective, select one of our projects to do your thesis or find personal and professional inspiration.

For those of you who have never considered volunteering, here are a few inspiring reasons to volunteer abroad that may encourage you to take the next step.

  • Over the course of weeks or even months, depending on how long you decide to volunteer, you’ll get to know and become part of a community. In a country like Malawi the community is very small, and after a short time you will get to know everyone, and they get to know you. These relationships become very close knit, and it like you become part of an extended family.
  • Doing a good deed locally is a good feeling. But overseas volunteering to help a struggling community could easily be the most impactful deed that you will ever perform. The impact you will make isn’t just temporary, you will be part of changing a community for the long term.
  • Gain a whole new perspective! Distance itself not only helps us to see things clearly, but it allows us to see first hand the struggles the developed world have to face. As one volunteer said, “It brings home a new-found appreciation for the lives we sometimes take for granted.”
    If one of the opportunities below match your knowledge and expertise we would like to hear from you! Submit your resume and cover letter to to be included in our volunteer database and help us to make an impact in communities around the world. For more information about other volunteer opportunities please visit:

Position                                                                    Country
Forage Researcher                                                   Mongolia

Coffee Specialist                                                       Peru

Women Leadership Specialist                                   Indonesia

Development Ladder Assessment (DLA)                  Indonesia and Malawi

Co-op Development Specialist                                  Malawi, Peru

Business Strategy Specialist                                     Mongolia

Communication Specialist                                         Malawi and Peru

Microinsurance                                                          Indonesia and Malawi

Marketing                                                                   Peru, Indonesia

Business Development                                              Malawi and Mongolia

Monitoring and Evaluation                                         Mongolia and Malawi 

Gender                                                                       Mongolia, Malawi and Peru

Environmental Resilience and Climate Change         Indonesia

Volunteering can be very fulfilling no matter what project you undertake. You may find that the experience enriches you in ways you never expected or select a specific volunteer opportunity that will be a memorable and life-affirming experience as well. CDF Canada volunteers have a significant impact on the successful work that we do around the world! We place a high-value on our volunteers as they are the backbone of our organization. We are proud to promote many amazing volunteers who have helped us reach our project goals in Africa, Asia and the Americas where our projects have been sustained long after our departure. 

Project Summary


Our project in Peru is working with small and medium cacao and coffee farmers - improving their livelihood in their local communities. The project is looking for experts to share theirknowledge, skills, expertise and to become a champion for CDF Canada. 


 Our project supports aquaculture small producers (seaweed, milkfish, and shrimp) to improve their livelihood while contributing to the country’s target to become the #1 seaweed producer in the world.

We embarked to build 10,800 farmers’ capacity and skills towards sustainable aquaculture practices to increase their yield and quality, strengthen their co-operatives governance, encourage cooperation among co-ops towards professional and profitable second-tier marketing co-op that access larger markets and value chains, and explore ways to improve
environmental resilience and climate change adaptation. If you are passionate about community development and have expertise in to offer, you are our perfect volunteer candidates.


This is a four-year project with the aim to increase the economic wellbeing and food security of 63,000 small holder farmers engaged in maize, groundnut, bean and soya bean production. The project works through local cooperatives to increase agricultural production (improved seeds, environmentally appropriate farming techniques, micro-insurance), improve access to markets (develop marketing coops and negotiate bulk sales contracts with purchasers), and secure financial resources (develop savings and loan products appropriate for farmers) so that small holder farmers have increased on-farm income and become more resilient to economic shocks caused by environmental changes and market volatility.


Mongolia is a four-year project dedicated to increasing the economic wellbeing of 3,000 herder families of goat, sheep, cattle, horse, and camel livestock. The project’s aim is to improve productivity and profitability of the herders through initiatives which include researching and testing fodder crops, introducing high yield breeding stock, improving livestock management practices, investing in value added processing of livestock bi-product and wool, developing new
markets, and in building capacity of cooperatives to better serve their members’ needs.